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Jason, USA

Before giving out any review to the product, let me share something about the YtrHowTo, He is so professional and friendly in dealing, My communication with him was superb, the software he made work's like a charm, and all I have to say about this product is that it is well worth every penny you spend.

Writing titles for the videos is a hassle but using this software, I'm able to get loads of titles, and all of them seems to be perfect.

Lastly, If you know the Youtube Game, then it won't take an hour to get your investment back, recommended!

My Rating : 9/10

Kevin, AU

For someone who doesn't really know a lot about YouTube and just getting into the game this program is a great time saver. I had problems with getting results and updating at first, but that was my fault for using HMA VPN with it. YtrHowTo provided great support! After updating and troubleshooting the program works great!

Worth the money I spent for it! I recommend it to everyone I talk to and I can't wait to see what other features come out for it!

My Rating: 9/10

Achillios, Greece

I found this app, not more than 3 days ago and I immediately bought it, since it was cheap and would be useful for my Youtube marketing.
I started using it immediately, and quickly realised the potential of the app. It works as it should, and if you are serious about Youtube marketing, this is a must have app. It's a steal. Saves plenty of time, and the developer, is available on skype for support, not to mention, he takes feedback and suggestions, which he will code, to make this an even better app.

In other words, this is a steal, and for all you youtube marketers, you will save valuable time, and earn bigger profits, in no time, by using this powerful keyword research tool for youtube.

Freddy, Canada

This is rather unique piece of software which is really intuitive to use and from the first glance one can tell it's made for marketers with clean and straight forward interface and no clear instructions file.

The main scraping module is really fast and it gives you a lot of suggestions to pick from and to research further if they grab your attention. The other quite unique and great thing about YouTube Calculator is that it offers the user to determine the GOOD or BAD criteria of every campaign, depending on the methods which will be used for that particular campaign - mass uploading or sniper videos, or comments...

There's only 1 word I can use to finish this section - SUPERB! Yep, I had YtrHowTo on Skype almost the whole afternoon yesterday and he replied PERSONALLY to all my questions, and explained me a lot of things which are common sense, yet I didn't think about them as such. I've used a lot of software and most of the support was good, but this one is simply on a whole new level. Personal and to the point answers is all we want, right?

Alfonso, Italy

This one of the best YouTube softwares I bought here. I has been using this great piece of software since a few months and I have to say it's amazing.

If you want long-term earnings this is your software. I recommend to everyone to buy this software right now! it's a good investment!

I have to say also the support is extraordinary, YtrHowTo is a great guy!

Get YouTube Calculator for just $97!

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We're so sure that YouTube Calculator will help your business that we're offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 14-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason YouTube Calculator does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 14 days from your purchase and we'll refund you right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDoes it work on PC and Mac?

    It works on PC but not on Mac (yet).

  • q-iconOn how many computers can I install it?

    One license can only be used on a single machine. But you can easily transfer your license to another machine yourself, without limits.

  • q-iconIs there a monthly charge for YouTube Calculator ?

    NO!  YouTube Calculator is a one-time-fee for the software… there are ZERO monthly fees.  Just one payments gets you lifetime access to this powerful Keyword Analyzer.

  • q-iconWill I receive free updates to YouTube Calculator ?

    YES! We will continue to improve the software with new features and fix any pesky bugs that may arise. You will be the first to learn about any updates. With YouTube Calculator you'll stay ahead of the curve for finding the hottest keywords, even if changes are made to any of the API's.

  • q-iconWill YouTube Calculator still work if I refund?

    NO!  Once your refund has been issued your license key(s) will be deactivated and your software will stop working. :(

  • q-iconCan I have a trial/demo version?

    YES! We have a free trial edition but it has limitations: It will have no related keywords and performs only one calculation at a time.

    Download the trial version here.